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Can We Beat Jet Lag?

January 18, 2023

While much can be done to minimise its risk, there’s no guarantee of preventing it

Can We Beat Jet Lag?

Travelling to far-away places is often exciting and laden with new things to discover, but one common downside that can ruin a long-hauler’s plans is jet lag, a feeling of tiredness and confusion that often affects travellers after a long flight. It typically disrupts normal sleep patterns and can cause lack of concentration and mood changes.

Though there are no tricks to fully prevent it, long-haulers can still take certain steps to reduce the risk of jet lag and fully enjoy their journey.

The US CDC recommends people start adjusting their sleep habits a few days before getting on the plane to match the time zone at their destination.
Those who travel west should go to sleep an hour or two later than usual for several days before departure, while those travelling east should do it one or two hours earlier.

The same goes for eating patterns, with travellers advised to adjust them to the schedule of their destination. In addition, eating small meals before travelling could also help avoid jet lag as one of its signs is stomach aches or problems.

During the flight, long-haulers should move their bodies as much as possible to reduce the severity of future jet lag symptoms, according to the Cleveland Clinic. This includes walking around the cabin and doing exercises on your seat, like rolling your feet, raising your knees, turning your head, and swinging your arms overhead. They should also avoid alcohol as it disrupts sleep and drink lots of water.