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Clearing the Fog: Dispelling Common Diabetes Myths in Singapore

May 10, 2024

Uncover the truths and myths about diabetes with insights from Harmony Thyroid, Endocrinology and Diabetes Centre. Learn about prevention, diagnosis, and management strategies for diabetes in Singapore. Get expert guidance from Senior Consultant Endocrinologist Dr. Vikram Sonawane to navigate your diabetes journey effectively.

Clearing the Fog: Dispelling Common Diabetes Myths in Singapore

Did you know that some of your beliefs about diabetes may be false? Despite the Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH) initiatives to raise public awareness about diabetes, the chronic condition is still widespread in Singapore, and many people do not understand it well. Unfortunately, misinformation and misconceptions surrounding diabetes contribute to confusion about this common chronic disease. As a diabetes epidemic is currently raging in Singapore — over 400,000 Singaporeans currently have diabetes and its incidence is expected to rise — it is important for us to understand the disease better. 

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a metabolic disorder characterized by elevated blood glucose levels. This article, by Dr Vikram Sonawane at Harmony Thyroid, Endocrinology and Diabetes Centre will provide a general guide to the prevalent myths about diabetes and illuminate interesting facts about its prevention, diagnosis, and management.

Prevention of Diabetes

Myth 1: A No-Sugar Diet Guarantees Protection Against Diabetes