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Dr Ivan Puah Expands Service To Sports Aesthetics® To Meet Demands Of Sportspeople

June 23, 2022

Sports aesthetics® is a term coined by Dr Ivan Puah based on the three pillars of combining unique service offerings to help fitness enthusiasts, sportspeople and professional athletes attain their ideal physiques without compromising the quality of their physical health.

Dr Ivan Puah Expands Service To Sports Aesthetics® To Meet Demands Of Sportspeople

Sports aesthetics® is a term coined by Dr Ivan Puah based on the three pillars of combining unique service offerings to help fitness enthusiasts, sportspeople and professional athletes attain their ideal physiques without compromising the quality of their physical health.

SINGAPORE, May 2022 -- Since 2019, Amaris B. Clinic has expanded its medical aesthetics, and surgical body sculpting services by offering fitness and integrative medicine programmes. Today, the clinic further cements itself as Singapore's first and only aesthetics, sculpting, and fitness clinic by launching Sports Aesthetics®, focused on meeting sportspeople's health needs and beauty demands.

Amaris B. Clinic's medical director, Dr Ivan Puah, who has more than 15 years of surgical body sculpting experience and Graduate Diplomas in Family Practice Dermatology and Sports Medicine, shares that this psychographic pays more attention to their mental and physical health. However, their demands and needs are still not met conveniently under one roof. "It was during the pandemic that I noticed two very diverse groups of patients in my clinic. The first group is those who reduced self-care, gained weight and started to look aged due to overeating and under-activity. The second group is the kind where looking and feeling good physically is not just a lifestyle but their continuous life goal. They take care of their body - inside and out."

Essentially, Sports Aesthetics® is based on the three pillars of combination unique offerings at Amaris B. Clinic:

  1. Medical Aesthetics & Body Sculpting
  2. Vacuum Pod Workout & Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  3. Sports Rehabilitation & Pain Management

01. Medical Aesthetics & Body Sculpting

People who enjoy working out under the sun, such as runners, cyclists, soccer players, tennis players, golfers, and outdoor and watersports enthusiasts, are highly at risk of skin damage leading to sunspots, wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, photoageing and premature skin ageing. High-intensity training and cardiovascular workouts are efficient at burning fat and great for overall weight loss, but this often leads to a substantial amount of facial fat loss, causing sportspeople to look haggard.

The first pillar is where aesthetics marry athletics. Amaris B. Clinic has curated a range of customised medical aesthetics and anti-ageing services to help sportspeople bring back the skin glow, youthfulness and volume loss, lift skin while defining and further improving their facial silhouette. Often, sportspeople tend to look aged, with more sunken facial features and poorer skin health due to long hours of training or working out under the sun. Amaris B. Clinic aims to address the skin ageing issues encountered by this group of people.

Fit as they may be, many sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts still face the same big fat problem - the inability to lose pockets of stubborn fats despite a clean, healthy diet and strict exercise regime.

"I have seen many patients who work out 5-6 days a week, eat clean, and yet cannot lose fat from the abdomen, waist, hips, or thighs. These patients turn to a surgical body sculpting such as liposuction or Hi-Def Lipo to improve on what they have been working on for so long, without any visible results. My objective is to help them shave off the fat layers and create a more athletic, proportionate and aesthetically pleasing body shape," says Dr. Ivan Puah, who is US trained in various body sculpting techniques.

Fat loss is a common phenomenon for active sportspeople, and unfortunately, one cannot dictate where the fat loss happens. Due to intensive workouts, many sportswomen tend to lose fat on their breasts, leading to a deflated chest. ADR-C Breast Enhancement helps volumise and compensate for the fat loss using the body's fat source to increase cup size and subtle breast lifting.

People who work out at the gyms are no stranger to "shirt-off". However, some men suffer from gynecomastia and lack the self-confidence to do so. This male breast disorder affects 60 -70% of men worldwide, including sportspeople and athletes, causing pain, discomfort, and breast swelling and will require a tailored surgical approach to effectively treat this condition. Gynecomastia surgery, performed by Dr. Ivan Puah, is a surgically proven treatment to address this issue successfully.

02. Vacuum Pod Workout & Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Amaris B. Clinic recognises that beauty goes beyond skin deep. The second pillar introduces Vacuum Pod Workout, which utilises Vacuum Compression Therapy, alternating high and low pressure, to target cellulite, poor blood circulation, and slack connective tissue. The volume of an elastic vessel can be increased by applying a vacuum force to its outer wall. In the negative pressure phase of Vacuum Compression Therapy, the vacuum force is exerted on the extremities and their vessels. In the positive pressure phase, venous drainage is facilitated.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD), performed by trained therapists of Amaris B. Clinic, helps stimulate the functions of the body's secondary circulation, the lymphatic system. Doing MLD regularly encourages the removal and filtering of waste, toxins and excess fluids from cells. It also works on the autonomic nervous system to encourage relaxation and stress reduction.

Conditions such as cellulite, post-liposuction swelling, tiredness, stress, general fluid retention and many others can benefit from MLD.

The lymphatic and circulatory systems will significantly benefit from these unique offerings, thus rendering a stronger immune system and more efficient blood circulation for these sportspeople.

03. Sports Rehabilitation & Pain Management

Injuries are inevitable when one is in motion too long or too often. The 3rd pillar is sports rehabilitation and pain management, helmed by their in-house myotherapist, Ronald Villegas, who has over ten years of clinical experience in treating various injuries, from occupational to recreational and sports. Ronald examines, controls and takes care of myofascial pain, injury and disorder affecting activity and mobility while prescribing appropriate exercises, postural advice and education, and utilising modern rehabilitation technologies to improve the pain and health of the patients. "My purpose and passion are to help people live a pain-free life, understand their body better, and give them the tools they need to function independent of treatment and external aids," says Ronald.

"Together with our medical team and in-house myotherapist, Amaris B. Clinic can provide everything sportspeople need under one roof for their convenience and as their trusted respite. We believe that beauty is not just about looking good but also about making an effort to ensure that the body is optimal. After all, Health is Beauty and Beauty is Health," Dr Ivan Puah shares.


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