Degree in Medicine - Nationa! Defense Medica! Center, Taiwan Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) No: 66763 Postgraduate diploma in PrimaryCare Dermatology (AFPM)

Dr. Wong Yeut Sun

Aesthetic practitioner

In 2011, Dr WongYeut Sun graduated from National Defense Medical Centre, Taipei, Taiwan. Laterfrom the same institute he obtained his Doctorof Medicine (M.D.). He worked atthe Plastic Surgery Department ofTaipei Vetaran General Hospital forsome time. Afterthat he returned to his home country, Malaysia and joined Anaesthesiology Department at Tawau Hospital. He is well trained in local anaesthesia. He has also taken care of ICU and critical care. Dr. Wong is a self-motivated learner who constantly attends professional conferences to keep himself up-to-date with the advances oftechnology in the field of aesthetics. He is a well known keynote speakerforthe beauty and skin care brands.


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