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Thought-Leadership Summit

3 Days | 60 Speakers

BITEC Bangkok, 9– 11 February 2022










Thought-Leadership Summit

Supporting the thought-leadership pillar of Medical Festival Asia, the two-day conference consisted of three tracks.

  1. Care Delivery and Patient Safety
  2. Digital Transformation & Healthcare Innovation
  3. Private Equity & Start-Up Disruption

The conference track has grown from coverage on streams featuring medical travel operations to all industry practices, patient outreach domestic and international, and innovations evolving the landscape.

The closed-door curated environment allows delegates to feel comfortable to share and ask candid questions amongst their peers facing similar challenges in their own path to growth success.


Summit Tracks

Care Delivery and Patient Safety

Ageing population, informed patients, and increased health awareness are some of the key challenges faced by the global healthcare system.

Specifically, the need for a more accessible, affordable, patient-centric, and personalised treatment is prevalent in the Asia Pacific, where the demographic is diverse, opportunity is immense, and population is huge. This dream is within reach, but it requires stakeholders to work together in embracing digital technology in the highly regulated medical space.

Digital Transformation
& Healthcare Innovation

We are heading towards a world of exponential transformation, where the healthcare industry is heavily disrupted by the advent of new technologies. However, the availability of solutions is often not directly translated into improving patient care.

The healthcare model has shifted from being doctor-centric to patient-centric. Themed around this paradigm shift, the conference track looks at how providers manage their digital transformations to better user journeys and stay competitive and attractive to medical tourists.

Understandably, healthcare systems in developing countries tend to be highly cost-sensitive and heavily regulated. Hence, there is a need to bridge patients, providers, and innovators to collaborate and explore ways to translate innovation into patient-beneficial solutions.

Private Equity &
Start-Up Disruption

We will explore the growth of healthcare start-ups, insurer-tech, and well-funded young technology players and discuss its impact on the ecosystem, from collaborations to disruptions.

From a growth spectrum, we will analyse the private equity challenges and opportunities, reviewing insights to fostering cross-border and cross-industry collaborations, aiding in opportunities to build pipeline flow by connecting investors and providers in this dynamic healthcare landscape in the Asia Pacific.


How Companies Can Be Involved

Industry Events

  • Organise breakout industry events
  • Be an official industry event partner
  • Host VIPs for private gatherings

Content Partner

  • Co-curate content and speakers
  • Position yourself as a thought-leader
  • Spotlight your firm as an innovator and industry leader

Media Partner

  • Be recognised as an official media partner
  • Get exclusive access and interview opportunities
  • Lead the industry forward and cover trending healthcare topics

Ecosystem Networking

  • Build invaluable long-term relations
  • Structure custom network opportunities
  • Curate and tailor breakout sessions

Be a Speaker

Be A Speaker

We are in the process of selecting speakers for the GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Summit 2022 – Thought-Leadership Conference (Medical Asia Bangkok). If your wish to nominate someone (or yourself) to be considered as a speaker for the awards evening, kindly fill out the form and submit after reviewing the speaker criteria below.


  • Speakers should be senior executives or renowned leaders within their discipline.
  • Speakers must demonstrate proficient presentation skills of engaging content (either by forwarding to us a video example or a credible recommendation).
  • Speakers will be funded for the 2-day conference (speakers must attend both days) and their accommodation.
  • The proposed topic and content should preferably be new and customised for our audience.
  • The proposed presentation can take on the following approaches:
    -Individual speaker
    -Panel discussion
    -Round table discussion
    -Case study
  • Proposals that promote specific destinations, services, or healthcare providers will not be accepted. Discussions and case studies of best practices are acceptable as long as they are non-promotional.

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Our Audience

The GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Summit attracts thought-leaders, industry pioneers, investors, and prominent individuals across disciplines related to or within healthcare.


  • Hospital & Healthcare Providers
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Health ICT Software & Technology Providers
  • Medical Devices Companies
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Business, Financial Services & Marketing


  • Hospital & Clinic Operations
  • Hospital Administration
  • Clinical Innovations
  • eHealth
  • Medical/Health Information
  • Clinical Applications & Technology
  • Nursing
  • Healthcare IT
  • Healthcare Investment
  • Corporate Development


  • Doctors
  • Clinic Directors
  • Hospital Board Members
  • Heads & Managers of Hospital
  • Departments
  • Specialists
  • Strategists
  • Institutional Investors
  • Medical Professionals
  • MedTech Solution Providers

Summit Highlights

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