M-Tech Chiropractic (SA), CCSP (USA), CCFC (USA)

Clinical Focus:

Slipped Discs, Knee Osteoarthritis

Dr. Hayden Clyde Pooke

Chief Executive Officer Chiropractor

As the CEO of Tonik Asia Group (TAGS) Dr Hayden’s portfolio requires him to be a full time practicing Chiropractor as well as oversee the group’s clinical and business operations. Dr Hayden and his wife have resided in Malaysia since 2009.

He qualified from South Africa’s Durban University of Technology with a Masters Degree in 2000. Being an accomplished sportsman himself, he developed his career as a Sports Chiropractor for almost ten years, working at many prestigious sporting events and with professional sports teams, including the famous Natal Sharks and Springbok Rugby sides from South Africa. He has subsequently developed a special interest in the non-surgical management of slipped discs and knee osteoarthritis. He is currently a member of the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) and holds the prestigious postgraduate CCSP and CCFC qualifications.

His experiences in Malaysia have been of a great benefit both professionally and personally. He understands Asian Culture and has a fair command of both Bahasa and Mandarin Chinese. Apart from his strength in clinical practice, it’s been his flair for languages and communication that has ultimately allowed him to reach his current level of achievement.


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