. Bachelar of Medicine and Surgery(MBPS)

Dr. Pauline Heng

Aesthetic practitioner

Dr. Pauline Heng graduated from Fudan University, China with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 2009. She is extensively trained in non-invasive procedures to minimally invasive procedures - skin laser, dermal filler, filler injection, hair- loss therapy, face lifting, face tightening, nose augmentation and faceliftenhancementtonameafew. The ability to combine art with science, and a meticulous eye for detail, give Dr Pauline the ability to bring out the natural, timeless beauty in every patient. We all are unique. So would be our aesthetic plans. This firm belief drives her to treat each patient with a lens, unique onlyto that person. She values the importance of mutual trust and understanding between a patient and her aesthetician. Through comprehensive consultation, she seeks to know a patient's background, needs, wishes, and expectations. With that deep understanding, she tailor-makes procedures to meet the specific needs ofan individual, to deliver naturally beautiful results.


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