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February 2021

Medical Centres And Aesthetic Clinics In The Asia-Pacific

The issue focuses on recognition of the best hospitals in the region.

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January 2021

Clinic Awards issue

The issue covers the first Clinic and Medical Centre Awards organised by Global Health Asia-Pacific to celebrate the best doctors and medical practices in the region.


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December 2020

Awards Special 2020

The issue highlights the best healthcare providers in the Asia-Pacific and key medical tourism markets like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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November 2020

Pandemic sparks digitalisation in healthcare

The issue delves into the growing relevance of digital healthcare services during the coronavirus pandemic.

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September 2020

Are we facing a Parkinson's pandemic?

The issue deals with Parkinson's disease, a devastating condition that is on the rise and might reach pandemic proportions in the near future.

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July 2020

We can tackle mental distress

This issue covers the psychological fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, highlighting the need for a rethink of our mental health services.

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May 2020

We salute you

The issue delves into the coronavirus pandemic to highlight good containment models and the lessons we should learn.

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March 2020

Three-person fertility treatment

In this issue we look into three-person fertility procedures to understand both their efficacy and risks.

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January 2020

Cancer immunotherapy: The promises and failures

Our cover story provides a reality check on what patients can expect from the revolutionary cancer therapy.

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